Discuss the requirements for a contract to meet stakeholders` interests.

Unit 23 Contracts & Management

Learning Outcome 1: Discuss the requirements for a contract to meet stakeholders` interests.

Learning Outcome 2: Determine the criteria for the selection of a contract.

Learning Outcome 3: Analyse different types of contracts and their application to the built environment

Learning Outcome 4: Select and prepare an appropriate form of contract for a specific project, specifying the terms and conditions.

Assignment Brief:

You are employed as an Assistant Project Manager for a small development company based in Greenford, London. The company is young and has only a small number of residential projects completed. The management team has received an additional investment package and has decided to grow with the number of commercial projects as well as having ambitions to explore public sector projects.

Your managing director has asked you to record a video presentation for the company`s project team to support them to enhance their understanding of contracts and management for construction projects and run a follow-up Questions and Answers (Q&A) session to clarify any queries.

Your recorded video presentation is intended to cover the following:

Explore the contractual requirements for a private sector client and explain the requirements for a public body (with specific reference to an infrastructure project). In addition, a comparison of the different contractual requirements between public and private will provide a grounding for the evaluation of a public sector contract and legislative compliance.

Assess how time cost and quality affect the selection of a contract and evaluate the ways in which; specifically, time and quality influence cost.

Using an example project, analyse the selection criteria for a contract that will satisfy client requirements.

Using the same project, evaluate the risks for stakeholders.

Analyse the factors that influence the selection of a contract used to control and manage a project.

Compare forms of standard contracts in terms of meeting a balanced risk.

For a selected project, revise a standard contract to meet client needs and present a rationale for the terms & conditions (T&C). Compare how T&C of a similar contract may meet client needs and justify the selection of a contract to meet the strategic values of the client. (Your revised standard contract and T&C should be available during the Q&A session for any questions)

Discuss how collaboration between contractors and sub-contracts may influence contractual arrangements.

The recorded video presentation should be in the form of PowerPoint (or similar), making use of diagrams, charts, etc. that will help to explain contracts and relationships between parties. Duration should be around 20 minutes. You should include the speaker notes and you will be asked to discuss your presentation in a Questions and Answer (Q&A) follow up session.

Instructions and guidance to candidates

Note: All information sources and resources, including websites used to complete this assignment must be stated and correctly referenced in the document and/or presentation. No credit will be given for wholesale copying from information sources and checks for plagiarism may be made on your submitted work.