Discuss the impacts of Solving the Environmental Crisis Caused by the Mass Industrialization of Our Planet.

This is an argumentative essay for a dual enrollment high school research writing which gives college credit. It is to be 6-8 full pages with an annotated bibliography. I have uploaded the assignment details and a sample of the annotated bibliography provided. Here is also a basic outline (partially completed) Roman numeral I and II are interchangeable, depending on what flows best. Sources have to be within last 5 years and easily accessed by a high school student.
(I. or II.) How the Industrialization of the Planet Has Negatively Affected the Environment
A. Air Pollution (Atmosphere)
1. Factories
2. Vehicles/ Transportation
3. Greenhouse Gases
4. Climate Change
B. Water Pollution
1. Chemicals/ Oils
2. Mining/ Drilling
3. Buried Chemical Waste
4. Untreated Sewage
C. Land Pollution
1. Litter
2. Inefficient Garbage Collection Systems
3. Landfills
(II. or I.) How and Why the Largest Economies of the World Depend on Harmful Pollutants

(III.) How to Solve the Environmental Crisis before It’s Too Late