Discuss how the selected philosophy does or does not critique, influence, and direct the formations and daily practices of American government.Choose a political philosophy.

Evaluate the possible applications of various political philosophies and ideologies to governments in general and specifically to our own systems of government, emphasis will be placed on how philosophy does or does not critique, influence, and direct the formations and daily practices of government.
Students must use one primary sourcetext and at least one secondary sourcetext.

A primary source for our purposes is an original philosophic work, such as any of the writings of Plato, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, Kant, Nietzsche, etc.

Secondary sources involve analysis, synthesis, interpretation, or evaluation of primary sources. They often attempt to describe or explain primary sources.

Secondary sources include our textbook, peer-reviewed academic journal articles, etc. Non-scholarly sources, such as Wikipedia, History.com, or the dictionary, are unacceptable.

The essay must be a minimum of 500 words plus a Works Cited page. The essay must be formatted in standard MLA format: 1” margins, Times New Roman font, 12-point font, double-spaced, pages numbered at top right with last name, first page formatted with information and centered title.

Citations should be parenthetical and follow MLA conventions. Students should decide on three elements to successfully complete the assignment: 

Choose a political philosophy.

Identify three notable aspects of this philosophy in how it agrees, contradicts, or differs from the current American political system. (Requires outside research).