Discuss And Analyze Aspects Of International Economic Policy For The Period 2007- 2020 With Particular Reference To The Trade Trends:

Discuss and analyze aspects of international economic policy for the period 2007- 2020 with particular reference to the trade trends of a country of your choice. In the literature review and or discussion section of this paper brief you should, you should address at least five of the following elements using brief subheadings:

  1. The international trade statistics that you have collected.
  2. An analysis of the most important export and import products.
  3. An analysis of its monetary and fiscal policy – are there any limitations therin?
  4. An examination of the sectors in which it has a comparative advantage.
  5. List its major trading partners.
  6. Analyze the economic growth of this country and appraise factors that affect it.
  7. An explanation of the connection between the trade pattern of the country and major trade theories.
  8. Categorize the balance of payments in your country of choice.