Did you find the above assignment benefitted you in your professional development?

Assignment 1: Qualities/skills of effective practitioners (&LL) 30%

Analyze the skills and qualities required for effective participation in the Property Service Industry.

Marking scheme — Professional Development (Assignment 1):

Recorded presentation: Analyse the key qualities and skills of an effective practitioner in the property services industry. Consider your own strengths and weaknesses in relation to the qualities 8 and skills identified.

Recorded presentation: Evaluate the importance of time management as a skill for the property service provider. Critique a time management technique you have used in the workplace. Recorded presentation: Consider effective communication styles applicable to the property service provider and evaluate the importance of active listening and interactive skills in ensuring effective communication.


Learning log/Written Reflection: What do you consider were the main aims of assignment 1?

Learning log/Written Reflection: Did you find the above assignment benefitted you in your professional development? Did the learning garnered from undertaking the assignment have any impact on your workplace practice? Please elaborate.

Learning log/Written Reflection: Consider any resource related to this assignment (e.g., theory/video/talk/book/blog/podcast/website) and briefly outline it as a recommendation to share or as something that should be avoided. Outline your rationale.

Marking Scheme — EAP (Assignment 2):  Outline the importance personal qualities such as good communication and time management play in estate agency practice.

Describe effective communication strategies (assertive communication/effective listening skills) that estate agents should strive to engage in.

Address and explain a communication system/s that can improve communication between agents, vendors, and purchasers.