Describe the differences between the above three building categories, and explain and evaluate the functional:

Analyzing Building Categories and Functional Characteristics in Construction Technology

In this exploration, we will describe the distinctions among three building categories, explaining and evaluating their functional characteristics while considering special requirements as defined by construction technology terminology.

Moreover, the impact of soil conditions on sub-structure and earthwork activities for each building category will be examined in detail, utilizing examples that highlight essential construction terminologies. A comprehensive design report will be compiled based on these insights.

The techniques employed for systematic detection, investigation, and risk assessments before the commencement of construction will be outlined, emphasizing their significance in construction projects. Additionally, relevant sub-structure work specific to the construction of specified building categories will be discussed.

Lastly, the primary service water supply, drainage, and plumbing arrangements in a residential building will be elucidated to ensure a comfortable living environment. The components of the super-structure facilitating primary services, such as cold and hot water supplies, will be analyzed for their impact on the overall design and client satisfaction.