Describe How It Is Exercised In The World Around Us: How Different Faces Of Power Affect Our Live Essay,

Essay Prompt: There are a variety of theories of power that describe how it is exercised in the world around us. Give an account of the theories of power that you are familiar with and illustrate how the different faces of power affect our lives. Academic Articles to cite: 1) Bachrach, P. and Baratz, M.S., 1962. Two faces of power1. American Political Science Review, 56(4), pp.947-952. 2) Dahl, R.A., 1957. The concept of power. Behavioral science, 2(3), pp.201-215. 3) Lukes, S., 2021. Power: A radical view. Bloomsbury Publishing. 4) Hayward, C.R., 1998. De-facing power. Polity, 31(1), pp.1-22. 5) Habermas, J. and McCarthy, T., 1977. Hannah Arendt’s communications concept of power. Social research, pp.3-24.