Critically Examine The Principles Of Palliative Care And Apply This Holistic Approach To Their Area Of Clinical Practice:

  • Critically examine the principles of palliative care and apply this holistic approach to their area of clinical practice.
  • Critically analyze interventions for the management of pain and the relief of other symptoms for patients requiring palliative care
  • Critically explore the relationship between the professional, legal, and ethical issues pertinent to the management of patients requiring palliative care.
  • Demonstrate self-awareness in the development of therapeutic communication skills when caring for patients and families in complex palliative care situations.
  • Critically apply the principles of multidisciplinary team collaboration and teamwork in the care and management of patients requiring palliative care, whilst understanding the need for and applying self-care principles and practices.
  • Critically reflect on the bereavement needs and supports of the palliative patient and family within the context of a contemporary bereavement framework.
  • Identify a learning need relevant to themselves and their palliative care practice, develop this into a learning outcome, and describe the activities that will be implemented by the student to demonstrate how the learning outcome will be achieved. This will be negotiated with the module team.

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