Critically Examine The Principles Of Palliative Care And Apply This Holistic Approach To Their Area Of Clinical Practice:

Evaluate Palliative Care Principles and Apply Holistic Approaches in Clinical Practice:

Critically assess palliative care principles and integrate holistic approaches into clinical practice.

  • Analyze interventions critically for pain management and symptom relief in palliative care patients.
  • Explore professional, legal, and ethical issues relevant to palliative care management.
  • Develop self-awareness in therapeutic communication skills for complex palliative care scenarios.
  • Apply principles of multidisciplinary team collaboration and teamwork in palliative care management, emphasizing self-care.
  • Reflect critically on bereavement support for palliative patients and families within a contemporary framework.
  • Identify personal learning needs in palliative care, define learning outcomes, and outline activities to achieve them in consultation with the module team.