Create separate scripts within powershell that will perform

Assignment: Performing Backups with Windows


Earlier in the course, you learned about Services. An often neglected but critical service is running backups. This project serves as a first step towards creating and then automating the backup process in the Windows environment.


This project requires that you use an existing installation of Windows Server in your Cybrscore Lab shell. You will include a reflective paper of at least 1,00 words in current APA format that details the installations, configurations, challenges, and solutions to complete the following systems administration project:

I. In the Windows server environment, you will create two separate scripts within PowerShell that will perform two types of backups of a given source directory and store the backed up files in a given target directory (preferably on a separate drive). The first script will perform a full backup and the second script will perform an incremental backup on the remaining days of the week. Lastly, using the Microsoft Management Console Task Scheduler, you will set up a schedule for the first script (the full backup script) to run on Sundays and Wednesdays and a schedule for the second script (the incremental backup script) to run on the remaining days of the week.

II. Provide three pieces of evidence showing that your scripts were successful: (i) a copy of your scripts; (ii) clear screenshots of the Task Scheduler interface showing the correctly scheduled tasks; and (iii) results of the backup processes (specifically the files in both the source and target directories).