BUSM2030 Employability Portfolio Managing and Developing- Management Assignment Help

Assignment Task


An employability portfolio is an important element of a graduate`s professional experience; it demands the student to reflect on the skills, knowledge, and abilities earned from their degree, additional learning experiences, and job experiences. The graduate will determine their strengths and areas for growth, and through reflection, the student will gain selfawareness and the confidence necessary to apply for employment and navigate the workplace. It also enables the graduate to identify certain talents and abilities that must be cultivated in order for them to be successful in their current position.


  1.  Strong Microsoft office, word processing and interpersonal skills
  2.  Fast paced and varied work environment
  3.  Arranging meetings and agendas
  4.  Recording minutes and action items
  5.  General administration duties
  6.  Formatting and document collation of complex technical reports, proposals, and minutes