BM004-3-1 Explain the use of written and oral communication skills using a range of techniques (C2, PLO1)

CLO1 Explain the use of written and oral communication skills using a range of techniques (C2, PLO1)

CLO2 Present cross cultural & ethical aspects of global communication. (A2. PLO5)

CLO3 Discuss self- evaluation measures to improve communication skills. (A2, PLO9)


The above research statistic from Statista Research Department portrays the importance of social media as a tool for engagement. Therefore, social media communication (SCM) will be a great potential for an organization to compete in the market during a pandemic and the era of information technology.

As a newly hired Chief Social Media Manager for the head office of an international organisation, you were keen to design and implement social media strategy to align with business goals. The most crucial task is to utilise SCM to enhance interactivity with the customers. You and your team decide to prepare a detail report on the social media applications.

This assignment will require detailed analysis and research on the THREE (3) social media platforms: Facebook or Twitter, Professional Blog, and Instagram in identifying the strategies to enhance the communication with customers. You are required to identify and explain the strategies for all the three-social media in creating effective communication with your customers and ensure to act as a platform for the customers from various countries to provide feedback to the organisation.

Your report and presentation should convince the top management to execute these strategies to connect with their customers. Prepare your strategic analysis report based on the social media features, benefits, functions, user friendly, and opportunity to create a network of the SMC.