BABM 1001 Identify the elements of the external context of business practice & report the impact of globalization on business

Foundations of Business Management

This assignment requires you to write an essay on the following topic:

How can the application of relevant management theories and concepts help a company navigate the challenges posed by globalization while considering legal implications and optimizing its choice of business entity in a new country? Based on your understanding of business environments and management functions, choose an organization, a theoretical framework and address the following:

  • Evaluate the external factors impacting the company`s business practices and strategy due to globalization
  • Explain how the management functions can be applied or should be applied within the company to address the influence of the factors;
  • Evaluate the benefits and complexities of the business entity in the given context;
  • Demonstrate strong academic research, critical writing and referencing skills by incorporating a relevant theory and 10 academic references in the field of business management.

This assignment is designed to assess the following learning outcomes:

  • Identify the elements of the external context of business practice & report the impact of globalization on business
  • Explain the management functions (PLOC)
  • Describe the relationship that exists between business and the law
  • Discuss the nature, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of different forms of business
  • Demonstrate academic research, writing & referencing skills

Reflective Online Graphic Powerpoint

Design a graphic powerpoint reflecting on the module and the process of addressing assessment one covering the following:

  • Reflect on your understanding and experience;
  • Use a narrative style in writing/bullet points;
  • Indicate any challenges or insights encountered;
  • Include graphics or visual aids, if applicable, to support your reflection on the feedback process;
  • Use a theoretical framework to reflect on your experience.

The criteria for marking the assessment relate to four main components which are as follows:

  • Introduction, Purpose and Method (20%)
  • Discussion and Creativity (40%)
  • Conclusion and Referencing (20%)
  • Structure and Coherence (20%)

Learning outcome 1: To describe and recognize personal strengths, biases, weaknesses, and values
Learning outcome 2: To evaluate critical thinking and evaluate past experiences, actions, or decisions.
Learning outcome 3: To express thoughts, insights and articulate the significance of experiences and lessons learned in writing.
Learning outcome 4: To identify areas for professional growth and development.
Learning outcome 5:
 Embrace a growth mindset and commitment to continuous learning.
Learning outcome 6: Develop a habit of self-reflection as a tool for ongoing personal and professional development.

Assessment Details
The word count isa maximum of 700 words.