Analyse the factors that affect the selection ofconstruction procurement methods

Unit 13 Tender & Procurement - Higher National Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment

Assignment - Factors affecting Procurement strategies

Learning Outcome 1: Analyse the factors that affect the selection ofconstruction procurement methods

Learning Outcome 2: Calculate an estimate for a work activity


You`ve been employed as an assistant quantity surveyor (QS) with EMMA consulting limited, a local Cost Consulting firm. As part of your academic and apprenticeship training, your Principal QS asked you to analyse the factors that affect the selection ofconstruction procurement methods and calculate an estimate for a work activityfor a client (the Board of Governors at Bath College) as tendering, procurement and cost advice on a small renovation/ modification building project. The project is specifically related to the construction of an additional floor on the left-wing of Bath College, City Centre Campus. The Board of Governors hope a new 12 million pound for new classrooms and offices for the University Centre Building (S-Block) at their City Centre Campus, will help attract more students and boost the local economy as part of their re-building programme. Produce a formal written report to answer the following tasks.

Explore the factors that affect the selection of a procurement and estimating technique for projects with both public and private clients. Your response should consider the time, cost and quality aspects of the following projects:

Scenario 1
The clients ACO Holdings Ltd. have purchased an expensive inner-city site in Bath. They are hoping to construct a new Hotel complex including spa treatment centre and business conference venue. The site has an existing small two-storey 1970`s structure on it at present and permission has been granted for this to be de-constructed and cleared away. The demolition section of the works will take approximately 3 months and work has been let on a Minor Works agreement to remove the building. The client wishes for the building to be completed at the earliest possible date; however, they wish to take control of the quality of the building -with special regards to finishes. ACO holdings are an overseas venture who only wants to deal with one organisation; however, they are flexible on the budget.

Scenario 2
Bath and North-East Somerset Council`s Education Department have been granted funds by central Government to build a new primary school in Keynsham. The school is to facilitate 160-180, 5-11-year-old students and is being designed to replace one of the authority`s existing primary schools. A new site has been identified and the authority are in the process of compulsory purchasing the site ready for development. The existing school will be disposed of as soon as the new school is ready. The local authority has a budget of £17m for the design construction and fit-out of the new school. The client is looking to construct the building for £12m. The client is seeking a high degree of cost certainty coupled with a good-quality robust specification. The works are to be overseen by the Local authority`s Clerk of Works to ensure quality.

In the second part of this assignment produce estimates for the work taken off in assignment 1. Use the four estimate methods and compare the results, while discussing the merits and demerits of all the methods.