An Overall Description Of Each Communication Platform:

A software development company called Bluelight has recently introduced a hybrid working model giving every employee the flexibility to work on-site and remotely for part of the week. This new way of working has presented the need for an internal communication tool to allow staff to communicate efficiently regardless of their work location. Your manager, Charlie Keane who is the IT Manager of Bluelight, has tasked you with making detailed recommendations to integrate either Discord or Slack communication platforms. Write a report for Charlie Keane’s consideration, which includes:

  • An overall description of each communication platform.
  • A table comparing the communication features (file sharing, screen sharing, voice communications) of each tool.
  • An image of the user interface of each tool with a brief description of its unique features.
  • A written comparison of both platforms in terms of their suitability for user management, integrations, and costs.
  • Recommendations over which communication tool you deem most suitable for Bluelight (you can make up the business criteria) e.g., budget, user-friendly.
  • One relevant piece of supporting information for each tool is included as an appendix. Important Points:
  • A report is a formal document that must be written in the third person in a professional manner. Grammar, punctuation and spelling must be perfect.
  • Your report should include references from the Internet and books etc. You MUST however discuss the references made in the report in your own words. In that way the reader of the report can see the relevance of the references.
  • Make sure that you reference properly and don’t forget to include the reference list at the end of your report.
  • Your report should be roughly 6-8 pages long. It is important to have headings for the different sections of the report.
  • No comparison is necessary between the different web browser software or the different anti-virus or operating systems software. You should however state clearly the reasons why you are making the recommendation in your report.
  • Any diagrams, tables, or graphs used should be concise, easy to read, and relevant.
  • Keep the information in your report brief and concise. ONLY include relevant information.
  • There is no need to bind your report but it should be stapled. Please share references.