AC502 Explain the different types of decisions required in own role:

1.1 Explain the different types of decisions required in own role


In various professional roles, decision-making is a fundamental aspect. The types of decisions required can vary depending on the responsibilities and nature of the role. Here are different types of decisions often encountered in various job positions:

  1. Operational Decisions: These decisions are routine and pertain to day-to-day activities within the scope of one’s responsibilities. They involve tasks like scheduling, resource allocation, managing daily operations, and ensuring tasks are completed efficiently.
  2. Tactical Decisions: These decisions involve a slightly higher level of authority and concern the implementation of strategies to achieve specific objectives. They often revolve around short to mid-term goals, such as departmental planning, process improvements, and resource optimization.
  3. Strategic Decisions: These decisions are crucial for the long-term direction of a company or organization. They involve high-level planning and have a significant impact on the overall direction and success of the business. Examples include market expansions, major investments, mergers, and acquisitions.
  4. Problem-solving Decisions: Sometimes, decisions revolve around troubleshooting and addressing issues or challenges that arise in the course of work. These decisions require critical thinking, analysis, and creativity to identify solutions and mitigate problems.  GET MORE SOLUTION