A Description Of Tropicana Brands Group (E.G. Sector, Number Of Staff, Nature Of The Business):

Tropicana Brands Group has engaged you as an Organisational Change and Development Consultant to produce a ‘best practice’ scenario report for them to consider. Using diagnostic tools, insights from theory, organizational analysis, and change management theory, you will produce a report for the attention of the HR Director of Tropicana, structured into the below headings. You may include a short introductory paragraph of no more than 200 words. To outline Tropicana’s current position, the HR Director for Europe and the UK has met with us online. This session is recorded and is available in your Canvas folder. The purpose of this report is to highlight an area(s) of attention for the organization based on the information provided in the guest lecture, along with your own secondary research. Your report should include but is not limited to:

  • A description of Tropicana Brands Group (e.g. sector, number of staff, nature of the business) (5 marks)
  • An overview of the environment that Tropicana Brands Group operates in (e.g. political, economic, societal) (20 marks) do a pestle analysis
  • A diagnostic on the culture, communication and other internal characteristics of the Tropicana Brands Group (20 marks)
  • The areas in Tropicana Brands Group that you are highlighting for the attention for the organisation. (20 marks)
  • Proposed solutions and next steps (15 marks)
  • Overall structure, flow of the report and use of academic models to support your analysis (20 marks) Notes:
  • This is an individual assignment.
  • The word count for the essay is 2,000 – 2,500 words (not including the Cover Page, Reference List or Appendices).
  • Referencing must adhere to the Harvard Referencing Standard.
  • Cover Page should include Student Name, Student ID, *Student Assessment Declaration, Wordcount, Lecturer’s Name and Module Name.
  • The assignment must be submitted through Canvas on or before the due date.
  • Assignment formatting: Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing, justified.