6MA039 Identify and categorize the different types of composites, fibres, and matrices, including manufacturing processes as well as the applications of composites in aircrafts (GLARE, CFRP, SiC woven matrix).

Aerospace Composites and Finite Element Analysis

Assignment - UAV Fuselage Manufacturing and Analysis

Learning Outcome 1: Evaluate factors influencing composite mechanical properties and compare composite advantages over monolithic materials.

Learning Outcome 2: Identify and classify composites, fibers, matrices, manufacturing processes, and aircraft applications (GLARE, CFRP, SiC woven matrix).

Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate proficiency in mathematical skills and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques, understanding their application in Aerospace engineering.

Learning Outcome 4: Analyze composite material strength and mechanics based on fiber orientation and volume fraction.

Assignment Brief

Technical Report - Lightweight Fuselage Manufacturing and Analysis

For this coursework, you`ll work in groups on experimental activities with three tasks. Submit an individual report based on group findings.

  1. Aeroelasticity

Simulate flight stress loadings on a CAD model using SolidWorks. Propose a laminating pattern and prepreg type.

  1. UAV Fuselage Manufacturing

Apply prepreg stacking sequence to a foam-core fuselage tool in either a left or right mold.

  1. Inspection

Inspect the final fuselage for weight, wing geometrical precision, and axial stiffness using a bending rig.

Technical Report

Report group findings (word limit: 3000 words), structured as follows:

  • Section A: Lab Engagement Describe the lamination process and practical engagement.
  • Section B: FEA Analysis Apply stress loading methodology and present stress results in table format.
  • Section C: Bending Testing Report fuselage inspection results for weight, center of gravity, and stiffness.
  • Section D: Reflection Reflect on experimental results, addressing discrepancies between theory and practice and proposing improvements.