605OGE Critically analyse petroleum systems, reservoir properties and hydrocarbon production data.

Managing and Planning Oil and Gas Assets

Learning outcome 1: Critically analyse petroleum systems, reservoir properties and hydrocarbon production data.

Learning outcome 2. Critically analyse the constraints of planning and managing a petroleum reservoir

Learning outcome 3. Synthesise a range of geological, geophysical economic theories and concepts in relation to reservoir management.

Learning outcome 4. Analyse reservoir simulator output to plan the production from a reservoir.

Learning outcome 5. Analyse environmental and safety risks related to the management of surface facilities.

Learning outcome 6. Recommend proposed projects to senior management.

Title: Investment decision on re-development of oil and gas reservoir in Ghana - Group Presentation

- You have been asked by your client to evaluate the feasibility of the investment options in relation to the re-development of the Ghana project.

- You must work with your group to analyse the data provided and advice your client accordingly regarding the technical feasibility of the proposed new project, critically analyse the options identified by the client and produce a group PowerPoint presentation highlighting the findings.

Task - 10 minutes Group PowerPoint Presentation

• You are required to work together with your team of experts to deliver your findings in a 10 minute group presentation and advise the client on the best investment option amongst the cases selected by the client and advice on the potential for the project to go ahead.
• The group report should be presented in PowerPoint and submitted by the deadline through Aula.
• Each group member should show evidence of work produced.
• Group members names and ID numbers must be on the slides.
• Harvard referencing must be included on the slides.

• The report should include the following elements:
1. Introduction
2. Evaluate the relevance of geological and geophysical analysis within the context of theoretical concepts of Reservoir Management
3. Analyse key findings of the simulation output
4. Analyse the political and legal constraints related to managing hydrocarbon reservoirs
5. Highlight key aspects of the Environmental plan including:
a) Key supporting processes, such as compliance with legal requirements
b) Requirement for resources
c) The main benefits of adopting an environmental management system to reduce environmental impacts.

6. Summary and conclusion

You should use APA 7th edition style of referencing.