5N2706 Explain The Importance Of Health Promotion And Therapeutic Interventions:

You are required to write an assignment outlining the importance of health promotion and therapeutic interventions for older people. The assignment must answer the following points:

  • Explain the importance of Health Promotion and Therapeutic Interventions.
  • Discuss briefly how you would promote each of these in your role as a Health Care Assistant (HCA).
  • Identify the health-promoting services available to older people in Ireland that focus on education, lifelong learning, and leisure activities. Mention the role of statutory and voluntary agencies.
  • Discuss how one might use health promotion activities to prepare for retirement and distinguish how retirement practices differ across different cultures and ethinicities. (2 marks)( examine a culture or ethnic group in relation to their view towards retirement and howit is influenced by that groups background. 2 examples)
  • Explain how chronic illnesses (such as dementia or sensory impairment or physical disabilities) might affect a person’s accessibility to available services. List some therapeutic interventions that may help them.
  • As a HCA, how would you adapt your care and practices for people with sensory, cognitive and or physical disabilities.