5N1370: You Are Required To Investigate And Complete A Project On The Experience Impact Of Discrimination:

  1. You are required to investigate and complete a project on the experience impact of discrimination and discriminating practices encountered by one of the following groups in Irish society.
    • Travellers
    • The socially marginalised
    • Elderly people
    • Immigrant and migrant workers of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds.
    • Groups in Irish society who belong to minority religions.
    • LGBTQI+ Community.
  1. As a first step you will prepare a proposal outlining the group you wish to investigateand research and how you intend to carry out the project e.g., devise a research action plan. After agreeing the proposal with your teacher you can commence the project.
  2. The project will involve carrying out research on your chosen group. This will include the use of primary research methods such as interviews and/or questionnaires and the analysis of your secondary data.
    1. The project will include the following sections:-
    • Introduction
    • Methodology
    • Findings and Content
    • Evaluation of results
    • Conclusions
    • Recommendations
    • Bibliography
    • Reference list