5N1279: Identification Of Whether The Child Is At The Normative Stage Of Development For Multiple Aspects Of Development:

Accurate assessment of needs:

  • Report presented in an appropriate format with clear headings
  • Methods used to collect information clearly outlined
  • Identification of whether the child is at the normative stage of development for multiple aspects of development (physical, intellectual, language, emotional, and social)

Thorough understanding of interpersonal skills required:

  • Methods used are age-appropriate and carried out objectively
  • Ethical issues of confidentiality and consent have been adhered to (signature of caretaker supplied; no real names used)

Detailed description of appropriate strategies for meeting needs:

  • Understanding of long-term consequences of not having specific needs met at this age
  • Five recommendations made for promoting holistic development for this age- group
  • Outline one practical strategy for each of the following to support meeting the needs of this aged child – an Early Childhood Educator, a Caretaker/ parent at home, a community group, the government