5065CEM Demonstrate competency with industry-standard forensic analysis software

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency with industry-standard forensic analysis software.
  2. Produce reports tailored for diverse audiences, including both technical and non-technical readers.
  3. Perform forensic analysis on mobile devices.

Task Overview: You are tasked with conducting a professional digital forensics examination on a provided Digital Forensics image representing an ongoing case. Your objective is to generate a comprehensive report of your findings suitable for legal professionals and C-level executives, accompanied by technical notes on your investigative process.

Report Structure and Focus:

  1. Introduction (200 words): Provide a brief overview of the case and the objectives of the digital forensics examination.

  2. Digital Forensics Examination (800 words): Describe the forensic analysis process, including software tools used, methodology, and challenges encountered.

  3. Findings and Analysis (700 words): Present key findings from the digital forensic investigation, highlighting critical evidence and its implications for the ongoing case.

  4. Recommendations (300 words): Provide actionable recommendations based on the findings, addressing potential next steps or investigative avenues.

Appendix: Forensic Notes (Not Included in Word Count): Include detailed technical notes documenting your investigative process, software configurations, and specific actions taken.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing industry-standard forensic analysis software.
  • Tailor the report to effectively communicate findings to legal professionals and C-level executives.
  • Adhere to a maximum word limit of 2000 words (+/- 10%), excluding references and the appendix.
  • Use appropriate APA referencing style for citations and bibliography.