5065CEM Demonstrate competency with industry-standard forensic analysis software

Applied Forensics

Digital Forensics image case analysis

Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate competency with industry-standard forensic analysis software
Learning Outcome 2: Produce reports for varied audiences, including technical and non-technical readers
Learning Outcome 3: Perform forensic analysis on mobile devices

Task: You are given a Digital Forensics image representing an ongoing case. You are required to perform a professional digital forensics examination and generate a report of your findings while keeping technical notes on the process.
You are not writing this report for your fellow technology enthusiasts. The typical audience for this report is legal professionals and C level executives. Although they are generally very smart people, don`t expect them to know anything about computers except for the fact they use one.

You are also required to keep and submit a separate set of forensic notes on your investigative process, which should be submitted as an Appendix of the above report.

Your task is to:
Generate an overall 2000-word report both on your findings and the process that you followed to achieve those findings.
It should be no more than 2000 words (+ - 10%) and referenced in the appropriate style. The references/appendix do not count towards the word count.

References in an appropriate (APA) format.

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