38003R: Describe the benefits of motivating staff, using appropriate referencing to two theories of motivation.


  • Outline in detail the role of a supervisor/team leader
  • Outline 10 qualities and skills of a supervisor.
  • Reflect on 5 qualities and skills you have that would make you an effective supervisor and give clear examples of using these skills in an ECCE setting.

Task 2- Organisational Skills – Delegation


  1. Outline your understanding of good practice in the process of delegation using appropriate referencing.
  2. Consider one task that you have delegated recently to a member of staff

Answer the following:

  • Type of task
  • Carried out by
  • Job Role
  • Your involvement
  • Benefits to you as delegator
  • Benefits to staff member
  • Positives / Negatives
  • What you learned from the process of delegating these tasks?
  • What would you do differently in the future when delegating tasks to staff?   

Task 3 – Motivation


  1. Describe the benefits of motivating staff, using appropriate referencing to two theories of motivation.
  2. Describe how staff are motivated in your organisation.
  3. Outline changes you would make to improve motivation.

Use the following headings in your answer:

  • Setting Objectives
  • Planning
  • Decision Making
  • Delegating
  • Monitoring and Supervision

Task 4- Leading a childcare team – Employment Induction Programme


  1. Examine the benefits of an induction programme for a new staff member using appropriate referencing.
  2. Devise and outline an induction programme which you feel would meet the needs of any new employee in a childcare setting, to include one week’s induction activities at the ecce setting.

The induction programme must have:

  • Information discussed with employee
  • Information given to employee
  • Practical tasks the employee will be engaged in
  • Each area covered outlined clearly for each day
  • Attach a copy of your suggested programme

Task 5-Job Description                                                                                 


  • Devise a detailed Job Description and Person Specification for a Supervisor in a Childcare setting.
  • Outline the importance of a Job Description for the employee and for the team.
  • Reflect on how closely the Job Description meets the work actually completed. Within this reflection do you consider it is important to stick within the job description at all times or is it important within an ECCE setting to have a certain amount of flexibility.

Task 6 – Team Meetings


  • Organise a team meeting and outline your understanding of the POSTAD TV approach in planning a team meeting.
    1. Devise an appropriate, Notice/ Memo and Agenda and minutes template.
    2. Agenda – A minimum of three items for discussion and in correct format
    3. Record the Minutes/Outcomes- a minimum of three actions to match agenda items
  • Reflect on the positives and negatives of the meeting and what would you do differently next time.
  • Critically reflect on the importance of staff meetings and a collaborative approach within the ECCE setting.

Task 7-Feedback, Appraisal & Training plan


  1. Outline and reflect on the importance of feedback and appraisal.
  2. Carry out an appraisal and feedback session with a member of staff that reports to you, using the appraisal form given.
  3. From your findings complete a Training Plan for your appraisee to include a minimum of three identified development needs discussed in the appraisal. Identify how these needs will be met, to include accredited and non-accredited training etc.
  4. After the review, reflect on:
  • How you felt it worked?
  • What lessons did you learn from it?
  • What changes would you make if you had to do it again?
  • Feedback from the appraisee on training needs

Task 8 – Personal Development Planning


  • Include a copy of your CV (this is not included in the word count).
  • Outline your journey into the Early Childhood Industry.
  • Outline your plans over the next 12 months in terms of continuing professional development. Include a CPD personal training plan with at least three areas of development and training, identify how these needs will be met, to include accredited and non-accredited training and links to organisational goals
  • Complete the attached SWOT Analysis Form (this is not included in the word count).
  • Describe what barriers, challenges, and problems you might be faced with as a supervisor, when working with individuals and teams. Give strategies for overcoming barriers and identification of possible resolutions.

Task 9- Working in Partnership with Parents and children  


  1. Examine the importance of Parental Involvement in a childcare setting using appropriate referencing and detail how your setting currently promotes Parental Involvement.
  2. Devise a Plan of Action to improve “Involvement” between a Childcare operation and Parents using Siolta – ‘Standard 3 – Parents and Families’ & ‘Standard 4- Consultation’.

Your plan should take the following format:

  • Setting Objectives
  • Planning
  • Decision Making
  • Delegating
  • Monitoring and Supervising

Task 10- Leadership Skills                                                                                          


  • Discuss the 8 rules of leadership as proposed by (Jack Welch) and how these apply in the ECCE setting giving examples.
  • Outline the main qualities of a good team leader in creating an effective team.
  • Outline and reflect on your own personal leadership style/s

Task 11-Learner records


In total ten learner records must be completed, ‘one for each task’. These should be detailed and demonstrate clear identification of issues arising in each supervisory task with a critical reflection in each.

Use the Learner record templates provided to record entries and ensure these are dated.