3231THS Managing Hospitality Service Experiences Griffith University Australia

Follow this structure for the layout of your written assignment:

1. Introduction (approx. 200 words) In this section, provide a brief overview of the purpose and structure of your written assignment, including a synopsis of your chosen company’s service offering.

2. Literature Review (approx. 800 words) Your literature review must contain a well regarded academic definition of your chosen theme (topic), and must review seminal articles on the topic. The review must focus on the theme (do not try to cover other loosely related topics, you do not have enough space). The review must give a concise overview of the state of understanding about the topic. You must demonstrate your own understanding of the literature – do not provide direct quotes (except perhaps for a definition) – use your own words. Do not provide information related to your organisation in the literature review – this section should only focus on academic understanding about your chosen theme. The best reviews will be critical rather than descriptive, may provide an evolution of thinking about the topic, and will include a comparison and contrast of opposing schools of thought (where appropriate to your topic). 

3. Recommendations (approx. 500 words) You must make at least three practical recommendations for your chosen company with regard to your selected theme that could be feasibly implemented. Be brief, but also specific – for example, do not simply say “provide training” – what sort of training, to who, how often, etc. Conclude this section with a short summary paragraph that neatly wraps up the findings of your written assignment. Other instructions Given the word limit, choose your words wisely. Be specific, do not be vague and repetitive. Use appropriate academic language. The report must be written in third person. You must include a minimum of 8 academic, peer-reviewed references that you have independently sourced (i.e. the required and recommended textbooks will not be counted towards the minimum, nor will reference to lecture slides). Note that this minimum will only gain you a “satisfactory” on the marking criterion relating to independent research (see detail marking criteria at the end of this document). An excellent literature review will contain a lot more than this required minimum and will largely refer to journal sources of the highest quality.