10199 – HAL Chronic and Complex Care

Case Study

You are on placement in the Emergency Department of the local hospital and have been allocated to the paediatric beds with Registered Nurse, Grace arrives with suspected exacerbation of asthma.  Grace has been brought in by her parents. Her mother informs you that Grace’s.Grace has been diagnosed with asthma since she was months old. Her parents describe that Grace’s asthma  is usually well managed in consultation with their GP. There is no Asthma Care Plan currently in place. Grace’s parents describe her as  an outgoing and happy child, that enjoys school, especially maths and art. Grace has a large friendship group and is usually active in  soccer and netball. Grace’s mother tells you that Grace is generally well but noted that Grace came home from school that day with a runny nose and a slight temperature. Prior to attending the hospital, Grace was given puffs of salbutamol at home, over a minute period.