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How to Find Your Writing Niche With 3 Easy Questions?

We all now how beneficial niche specialization can be.

Especially for a freelance blogger, there are dozens of direct and indirect benefits of specializing in a writing niche. Many freelance bloggers like to specialize but they don’t know how to do it. It all seems very complicated.

In this blog post, I will be discussing 3 really simple ways to find a writing niche that you can easily specialize in. In fact, you will just have to ask 3 questions to yourself, and you will be easily able to short-list a few niches in no time.

You ready?

These 3 questions are:


1. What Did You Study?

You must have studied something in school, college or university. Based on those years of professional study, skills and knowledge, you can very easily shortlist a few profitable niches.

What did you study? That’s the first question you’d have to answer.

Always remember that the main concept of specialization is offering something personal, unique and highly informative to your clients. That way, you can charge them a lot higher than the usual, because you will be providing your own personal experience and wealth of knowledge.

For instance, if you have studied medical studies, you should be able to easily specialize in writing medical and health-related articles. There are a lot of health-related blogs and magazines that you can target. For your information, it is also a very popular and profitable niche on the internet.


2. What is your Hobby?

The next question that you should be asking yourself is about your hobby. But let’s clear something first.

There is a fine difference between a hobby and an inspiration. What you have been doing for a very long time is your hobby. It isn’t something that you want to do in future. So make sure only to include the things that you have been interested in and that you have been doing for a reasonable amount of time. In short, you must have a lot of experience in it.

Everybody has a hobby that they spend their time on. You just have to be passionate about it. For example, someone might be into music and music instruments. A lot of people can be involved in gardening, for instance. Whatever that hobby may be, because of the fact that you have been doing it for a long period of time, you must have gained a lot of skills and practical experience in it. Now, as a freelance writer, you can cash that experience and knowledge by writing in that particular niche. Moreover, as it is already your hobby, you will enjoy writing about it – which results in better blog posts and articles.

I’m mentioning it once again: the concept here is to offer something unique and extra that most other freelancers can’t. So, ask yourself: what is your hobby that you have a lot of knowledge in?


3. Is That Writing Niche Profitable?

Believe me, not many freelance writers consider this, but it is an extremely important factor.

“Why should I be concerned if the niche is profitable or not”? A freelancer asks, “I am going to get paid upfront for all the content I offer. I don’t have to worry about how the blog owner is going to make ends meet.”

If you think like that, you are so very wrong, my friend!

The longer your niche remains profitable, the longer you will be in business. If your niche is a really popular one – and is rapidly growing, too – more and more businesses will come into it. As a result, you will have a much bigger market to capture. Furthermore, if the niche is a really profitable one for the entrepreneur, you can also charge premium prices for your content.

In a nutshell, at least check the following things to find out whether a niche is a profitable one or not:

  1. Is the market big enough?
  2. How many bloggers and businesses are trying to break in that niche?
  3. Is it wide enough to be there for a reasonable period of time? For example, “evergreen niches”.
  4. Who is the target audience of your niche?
  5. Do they have enough money to spend? More importantly, are they willing to spend their money in that niche?

Although there are a lot of factors that determine the viability of a writing niche, the above five questions should give you a good start in the right direction. Moreover, you can also change your writing niche when the time comes, but that’s not recommended at a very early stage.

Anyway, let’s discuss something about your writing niche. Which niche do you particularly work in? Is it a good one? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Furthermore, if you are having problems in selecting your niche, feel free to contact me to seek my advice directly. Answer at least the first 2 questions and we will come up with a niche for you.

I am looking forward to hearing about it.

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I'm a professional copywriter, blogger and content marketing consultant. I'm also the founder of Writing Dock. Here I share many useful tips on copywriting and content optimization. You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, or you can also hire me for your writing project.

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